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Since becoming an entrepreneur back in 2012, I saw how much more important social media marketing has become, and how important it is to have great brand images for your business! 

As a mama of two little men, I am always behind the camera taking photos of them in addition to all of my clients! As someone who is notoriously uncomfortable in front of the camera (it's a miracle I have these photos), I know how it is to be in your shoes and know all the tricks to make you feel comfortable and confident at your brand shoot!

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You are updating your "About Us" page on your website and have no idea what images to use.

You know photos of yourself and behind the scenes get higher engagement on social media but you have no images, or only low quality phone images, to do that.

does any of this sound familiar?

You hate yourself in photos and prefer never to be in front of the camera.

You are talented, started a business, and have happy customers but now need to attract more clients in order to grow and make more $$$.

Trust me you aren't alone.


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